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Out of Nowhere by Patrick LeClerc.
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Featured Artist   Mark Kilobaec aka ARTRONI

Image copyrighted by the artist.

April 2018 Edition

  Weekly Discussion

Environment and evolution in offworld colonial populations?

The editors have not yet posted this week's story. Please check back soon.


editorials, rants, ravings A Prayer for Science by Richard Tornello by Michele Dutcher

  This Month's Stories

THE INCANTATIONS by Richard Tornello

an alternative Universe and how it came to be -- Fantasy

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? by Andrew Dunn

Take your usual bunch of orcs, dwarves, elves, in the usual quasi-medieval setting then throw in humans. Only these humans arrived via spacecraft from someplace else. They brought with them gunpowder-based weapons and first generation laser guns. Set the stage with a little socio-political intrigue, stir, and then simmer. I hope you enjoy! -- Fantasy

Crystal Bears by Robert Brooks

In the clan, Allarin is the skeptic who doesn’t believe in an ancestor-imposed mandate to remain in the frozen valley as a homeland. To avoid starvation, Allarin must lead the clan out of their prison. For Allarin to become strong and a leader, however, he must embrace belief and accept magical help. -- Fantasy

Gunsight by John Henson Webb

Politics and technology collide when a covert project is put through it's paces. -- Science Fiction

Last night by Veronique Aglat

What if men would die after only one ejaculation? This is the story of such a man, set on Earth, a few hundred years in the future. -- Alternative

  Read a Sample Chapter

Broken Crossroads by Patrick LeClerc


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