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Featured Artist   Kirsten Zirngibl

Image copyrighted by the artist.

May 2016 Edition

  Weekly Discussion

Horror Fiction Celebrity Death Match!

  Monday Morning Flash

The Visitors Flash Fiction by Patricia Todd 5/23/2016


editorials, rants, ravings Insanity in Science Fiction by Michele Dutcher

  This Month's Stories

No Escape by Harris Tobias

You can travel through time and space but you can't escape your essential nature. -- Science Fiction

The Return of Johnny Half-Finger by Astrid Nielsen

Sally wakes up and find the city empty save for her and a single robot. But she still has the heart of her old love, hasn't she? -- Alternative

Weatherman by Ishmael Soledad

Sometimes a casual comment can have unintended outcomes ... -- Science Fiction

Dayton Ohio by Michele Dutcher

A downtown city in Ohio seems to be all boarded up, but people keep showing up at the local blood bank. -- Science Fiction

  Read a Sample Chapter

Broken Crossroads by Patrick LeClerc


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