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Featured Artist   Anna Dovracxkova

Image copyrighted by the artist.

July 2017 Edition

  Weekly Discussion

Are dragons the most compelling fantastical beasts in Fantasy Fiction?

The editors have not yet posted this week's story. Please check back soon.


editorials, rants, ravings Hollow Cozy Trees by Michele Dutcher

  This Month's Stories

The Smeg by Harris Tobias

Under the heel of a crushing oppressor humanity's choices become clear. -- Science Fiction

Sequins by Andrew Dunn

This story emerged. First the title popped in my mind. Then it flowed. There were several other ideas that came and went for the ending before this one naturally seemed to fit best. The particular style of this is an artsy take I sometimes try with fiction. (Uniquely, in this story the last non-proper noun in each paragraph almost creates a corollary statement that relates back to the story...almost). I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading SEQUINS. -- Alternative

OMNIVERSE [SAGA 1] : ARTIFICER (chp.3) by Viktor Xhelilaj

The third chapter of my first novel, of my first saga, of what I hope to be a long series. I never want to write anything else after it. It's a science fantasy, so I hope it mystifies you with greater depth than the wave of a wand. Hope you like it. -- Fantasy

  Read a Sample Chapter

Broken Crossroads by Patrick LeClerc


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