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Welcome to Quantum Muse, a science fiction and fantasy ezine. Welcome to Quantum Muse, a science fiction and fantasy ezine. Your banner could be here! Find out how!
Out of Nowhere by Patrick LeClerc.










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    Posting the finest in science fiction, fantasy and alternative writing and artwork. For free. In our sober moments...
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April 2014 Edition

  Weekly Discusion

How will humanity end?

The editors have not yet posted this week's story. Please check back soon.


editorials, rants, ravings The Luxury of Privacy by Michele Dutcher

  This Month's Stories

Samantha Berg and the Sketchy Skein by James Turnbull

An old client becomes a new flame! But can Samantha keep his business safe, while also keeping herself alive? -- Alternative

The Book by Harris Tobias

What if you found a book from the future, Would it be plagiarism if you claimed it as your own? -- Science Fiction

A Pocket filled of Posies by Michele Dutcher

A plague on Earth leaves scientists on a Space Elevator wondering where to go next. -- Science Fiction

Two-Edged Sword by Bill Kowaleski

Travelling back in time to improve your life can lead to unintended consequences. -- Science Fiction

The Return of my Guardian Angel by Gordon Rowlinson

If you have a guardian angel who always helps you during the worst moments in your life, should you question who and what he really is? -- Science Fiction

Orchestra of Bones by Jeromy Henry

An unlucky musician faces a terrible curse. Can he dig into his deepest creative passion and somehow escape his fate? -- Fantasy

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The Wizard's House by Jeromy Henry

Featured Artist   Keith Bentham

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Adventures of Regen the Bremen

James Thompson

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