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Curiosity Killed the Clodhopper by Edward Sullivan

When two good old boys get too bored and start wondering about things better left alone they get in too deep. -- Alternative

THE SEA CAVE PEOPLE part one by James Gardner

A betrothed couple, Queen Taroe and her consort to be L'Qisse, seek their ancestral home island to consummate their marriage. -- Fantasy

The Haunted House by Harris Tobias

You shouldn't try to do scary on the cheap. -- Alternative

The Vent by Michele Dutcher

Far below the surface, in the deeps of the ocean, are there creatures like us? -- Science Fiction

The Last Bloodhound by

A pair of hopeless survivors and their dog journey into the wilderness to live, after the world around them crumbles. -- Alternative

Random Art!

Amir Zand

Image copyrighted by the artist.


Quantum Muse featured Amir Zand on 1 / 2017.

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