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by Richard Tornello

A Conversation

by Richard Tornello


By, R dot Tornello © 2012

Village Idiot Press



Columbia, her white gown flowing about her she ascends the 33 steps, enters the promontory and stepping between the two tall pillars formally announces, “Ianus, dear brother, I bow to you.”


Ianus, in his black toga rises, and in softer tones states, “Dear sister Columbia, I bow to you.”


And with an unspoken understanding, together, the keys they hold are turned simultaneously, like the fire control systems for launching nuclear weapons in a submarine, and like those missile hatches, the two headed phoenix gates of the world, of heaven and earth, of beginnings and endings, all things illuminated, visible to them alone, swing open.


Ianus, “Our kind, our people, our creations, assumed destroyed and extinct, have through the millennia worked for these ends, and so close, now why such sorrow dear sister?”


Columbia, “To theses ends, yes we have and as is our right, and yet I still feel for them, though fools all.”


She stops for a second to think about what she wants to say next and how to state it. “We have evolved a new world order and we continue to do so. The time is not ripe for our assent, but it is closing. I have been the force behind these recent changes in science and technology and you dear brother through mind control and false finance.”


Columbia continued, “In the distant past we were known as Gods and our people, to some, as giants. And yes, our people were physically much larger then those interlopers from the south.  And to protect our people, we thought we effaced all the references to us however within their religious books that we missed altering, we were again mentioned, and dear brother I quote,  ‘… the sons of God saw the daughters of men were fair and took them as wives , whomsoever they chose.’ We managed to alter the interpretations over the centuries in order to hide our existence, yet the evidence still exists. And so, we all became like them. We hid deep within them subducting our genetic make up within theirs.  Any who even came close to the truth were eliminated. We know our kind through tests and time.”


“And now science and technology are allowing us to reemerge as we were. The GMO science program designed to up the caloric content and abundance necessary for our kind has begun while at the same time it is altering their genetic makeup. Their birth rates are being reduced; their populations are aging at a non-replaceable rate, while our kind re-evolves. We will be careful not to alarm them until it is too late.”


She sighs and says “But I have grown fond of them, especially their music and arts.”


Ianus interrupting, “Sister, we can always work that.”


Ianus eyeing the world through the gates continued, “The fools embraced us, our philosophy and our kind and then eliminated us, or so we let them assume. We have interbred to survive. Their caloric needs are about 2000 a day while ours are closer to 5000. With the GMO program you have so fought for throughout the planet and my control of the financial systems, slowly bending them to my will, we will bring about our safe and long overdue return.”


“Trust me. It is not time to hesitate. You must continue. I will note your concerns and reserve judgment until after we have completed our tasks.”


Columbia looking at her brother with love and respect said, “And with you too dear brother, we have laid the foundations, the institutions of the new world order. We had to create the planned chaos, wars, social conflicts and of course, the pre-planned responses. And yes, we had to wait for the technology to evolve, as it finally has. You keep them in debt with your political economic systems so well concealed in magic.” She hesitated before continuing and then said, “And I continue to poison them.”


Columbia, now tearful, breaks down before her brother, pleads for help. “My real job, my task, my calling as an adjunct to your work, is to foment distrust and hatred. I am guilty of incompetence. Where have I failed?”


She continued, “I try my best only to have my hard work undone. I gave them floods. I gave them pestilences, plagues, wars, famine and yet they raise themselves against us again and again. I gave them the secrets of the universe in order that they might destroy themselves and still they persist and inhabit our home and pushed us out of our hallowed grounds. What am I doing wrong? What am I missing?”


Ianus responds, “Ah Columbia my sister, you must redouble your efforts spreading subterfuge, falsehood, and especially play to their pride. Pride is the one area you have failed to cultivate. Go back and work your magic. Pride is our gate, our wedge, to which they have been warned against time and time again and ignored. That weakness will be the fall of them all. Illuminate it, praise it, and do not despair. We have the keys to their inner souls. All will be as it should be and we will prevail, striking down those who dare to fight us or pretend to understand our inner workings. Heaven and Earth and all levels between will be as they should be.”


He turns to her, “Cry not for these puny beings. They will serve us well.” 


“We will rule again. Now to your task dear sister and erase your misplaced embarrassment.”


“Aeternitas nobis est”


As Columbia looks away and down upon her intended victims, she turns to her brother and affirms her duty, “Yes my brother, it is my task. I will. We have the keys.”





The End

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Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.

by Richard Tornello

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