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Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.

by Richard Tornello

The Kay-Ram Glossi

by Richard Tornello

The broad flat back of his axe hit the table. That got their attention. Silence filled the once raucous dining hall. All of the animals held their collective tongues. The Alpha Cat, known as Big Cat, surveyed his clan with his bright yellow sparkle eyes. The young ones were in front as was planned. They had been trained in hunting, but social manners and way of the world, were they lacking. From below he heard:

“He’s touching me.’

“Am not.” 

“He poked me.”

“You’re crazy. I’m 5 paw lengths away. Big Cat would have seen that.”

Big Cat waited staring straight into the face of the two that he knew were soon to lead the hunts, the two he knew who caused the most trouble. He had a few other things he wanted to impart besides simply getting along with your siblings and neighbors. He was concerned about their young impressionable minds.

“He just shoved me off the bench,” she wailed, as all 4 paws hit the floor, razor sharp claws extended and ready to strike. Any other time he would have looked the other way and let her haul into her antagonist, just to teach a lesson in “manners”. But  PSYOP techniques and defense against other predators was on the agenda today.

“The two of you knock it off or I will make sure neither of you reach adulthood,” he bellowed.  They knew he was both serious and kidding. But they also knew the time for picking on each other was about to end.

“You two, future leaders of the clan and hunters, this is no way to behave. It’s time to put your rivalry and bickering behind and work together. The world is dangerous. You are the future leaders. At home you will sort out problems and decide the proper rewards and punishments as I have, and those before me have done.”

“But today I have more to relate to you than proper family behavior. As you know there are other things besides metal traps, and weapons that can slay you.”

“What do you mean?” asked a young voice from the back of the pack.

Big Cat wanted them to learn how to work with and for each other. That would take time. Up until then they were taught only to hunt. Hunting reinforced the strong while unfortunately eliminated the weak who could not find other gainful tasks in and for the clan. There were also highly intelligent young ones that were removed from the daily exercises and trained in techniques such metallurgy.

Big Cat wanted to impress upon the new little ones and reiterate what had been stated in previous meetings. “I have a bit a poem-story for you all. Listen and take heart and repeat each line after me.”

The slippery speaking slithering snake upon your mind will hold and take

with words of love and warm delight,

“Repeat,” he commanded.

will into your soul there alight

and with time and words so fine


gain your confidence and in bind

you must watch for flatterers near

especially when you’re young my dears.


Experience you have not in the world

and this the snake knowingly entraps, unfurls


slippery smooth and words so kind

your youth and your wealth will soon you’ll find

gone and spent and when you cry


for your dearest friend nearby?

Well no he’s gone and slipped away

to do it again, another day.


They all repeated every word.

He handed a copy of the poem-story to all of them and said, “memorize this, think about today when you hear that smooth silky voice, and you know in your heart of hearts that there is something amiss, not right that doesn’t add up to the reality as you sense it. Most of the time this will come from an outsider looking for power, advancement and many times,” and Big Cat hesitated for a second or so for effect… “YOUR LIFE.”

Some of you may have met other animals like this. It can be a snake, or a mole or a weasel or even one of our own. But most of the time it will be someone attempting to gain your trust, that doesn’t deserve it. Rely on your family. Check with them first, or call me or best yet, the new leaders.” He pointed to the two in front that up until today had been at each others throats. He noticed they were now sitting closer to each other, paw in paw, claws retracted. Yes this is what he was hoping for. For if the little ones saw these two come and work together, then they would mimic them. Peer pressure and the desire to be like them would help to bring this new group together.

He looked around and saw their faces. It was working. He walked down among them and gave a hug to the two New Leaders to be. He patted them both on the back and looked to all the others and stated, “These are your new leaders, trust them. Come to them with your questions, ideas and anything else. They will maintain confidences, protect you and help you grow to be big strong hunting cats that will make our clan, The Kay-Ram- Glossi, the leadership clan that we have always been.”

Big Cat knew that the two were beginning to awaken to the responsibility that they held in their paws. He saw it in their eyes, and he noticed they had separated themselves from the others, and were scared.  It still scared him he thought. But look, they were not fighting or squabbling. That was the beginning he had hopefully anticipated.

He thought of his old partner who was laid to rest some time ago and the effort they had undertaken to make this clan come together. “Those two will bring the little ones along just fine,” he whispered to himself as if she were still there.

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Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.

by Richard Tornello

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