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by Richard Tornello


by Richard Tornello

“Well dear there it is just like I told you. It’s a small upright animal with a stick.”


* Artie conducted a mental overview. The Laramidia base camp had been set up. The perimeter was secure. Heavy weapons were in place with infrared aiming detectors set to automatic fire using depleted uranium cores. He knew this was a dangerous endeavor. Why I volunteered is beyond me. I must have been on drugs.


“It’s alone too.”

“It can’t be too smart, and what a stink..”


* I swear I heard something just a while ago. I see nothing and my helmet indicates no animal life forms, yet. I wish Langley could have time-jumped a helo here too but the energy needed was beyond what Langley could generate. It’s our equipment and us.


“Dear, if you notice, it appears unafraid. It’s not hiding or scurrying about. Maybe we should be a bit cautious.”

“Nonsense, it’s stupid.”

“I recommend caution. Let’s watch it and see if anything runs into it. I don’t know about you but I could smell it from our nest.”

“I think we should flank it and follow its tracks back and see where it came from. Send a message and inform the others. Ask them to send some younger ones.”


* I just saw something move on my right. It was big and fast. “Base camp, you may have visitors.”

“Roger that, any ideas?”

“Negative, but it’s big,”

“We’ll be ready.”


“I already did. A group of teenagers are on the way. ”

The big male says, “You go right and I’ll go left. Stay out of sight until I give the word. This might be fun!”


“Base Camp, I see one. It’s huge. It’s heading your way.”

“Roger that, we’re ready.”


Watching the uprights in their camp from a distance of 3 miles, the two adult theropods transmitted their observations to the approaching younger pack.


* Artie climbed a small hill to get a better view. His visor gave him a good look a few miles out. There he saw another theropod just standing. From the direction of the theropod’s stance he surmised that it was observing the base camp.


“There are three others like the one we mentioned. They seem to have a nest. Strange they also seem to have fire and are not afraid. These are different creatures than we have ever encountered. Extreme caution is demanded. We believe they may be dangerous.”

A reply came back. “So small a creature as you described, what nonsense, they’ll be a snack.”

“Oh? And what is the mortality rate among you young ones? Heed our caution.”


* I think I’ll take a shot. Artie laid the heavy 50 cal. rifle on his bag for stability. He noticed no wind down range. He set his sights for a mile shot and took it. The boom was heard for miles. He watched; nothing happened and then the T-Rex went down. “GOT HIM,” he yelled. “I got the first T-Rex in history.”

“Base camp, I just got the monster. It was a T-Rex. I’m going to go over and take a look and get some photos. No one is going to believe this.”

“If there is one there will be others,” base camp transmits.

“Roger that. I don’t see anything. I’ll let you know.”


The big male theropod stops communicating. He feels her pain. “It just killed my mate. They are a threat. Back off until I come up with a plan. These animals must be crushed.”


One younger theropod suggests, “We can stampede their camp. You know how we run the back blades over the cliffs, we can do the same and run behind them.”

“YES,”comes the reply from the pack.

“Good idea. I’ll be back. I dare not go to where my mate lies, not yet.”

“These are dangerous creatures. They may be small but they have the ability to kill. We will use the blade-backs as shields. We will all take part. We will avenge my mate’s death and drive these beasts out from our land.


* Artie was beside the downed T-Rex. “My god it’s huge. It must weigh 15 tons. Guys, do you see the pics I transmitted?”

“Return to camp. It’s getting dark. Repeat, return to camp. You were not supposed to do that. We’re looking for a way to set up mining camps for minerals. This is not a hunting expedition in Africa.”


That night twenty-five triceratops or back blades were herded toward the
base camp of the uprights. Five adult and ten teenage theropods brought up the rear.

The earth was shaking. The noise was deafening.


* The earth is shaking. The noise is deafening. All the base camp members are armed and ready. The machine guns surrounding the camp are set to fire automatically.

The charge came from one direction making most of the perimeter defenses useless. The guns were too heavy to move quickly.


Only a few of the triceratops made it through the camp’s defenses. That was enough. The T-Rexes followed behind and killed any of remaining humans.

Over time there is nothing left that would indicate human presence except for the steel guns and ammunition.


* At Langley a report is sent to the acting chief letting him know that communications were lost with the expedition team in Laramidia.

The chief is now talking to the Pentagon. “Damn, I know we can do this. Maybe we need to wait until we can down-send more equipment. We know that there are predators. They weren’t supposed to engage any living thing except in defense. This is the second team we’ve lost.

“How are we ever going to mine China’s rare metals if we can’t even keep our team alive in our own back yard? I’ll send another team as soon as possible.”

The command is given. “Yes, you do that until we can establish a foot hold and spring board from there.”

2014-03-08 07:00:30
I enjoyed the same-time mental dialog in this story, and the way it builds a setting by the character's inner observations. Nicely done!

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Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.

by Richard Tornello

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