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by Richard Tornello

S-7.5.1 OMEGA

by Richard Tornello

Word count 996


S-7.5.1 OMEGA


By RdotTornello © 2014


The Village idiot Press





The fog of space debris, accumulated over a millennium, encased the planet. Entry was tricky and dangerous at best, even for armored craft.  That was all well and good since no one of any consequence ever went there willingly. The home of humanity was now a back water, and worse. It was populated by those who would not give up on the idea of earth as it once was. The outdated rule of law, a basis for all that came after, and humanity’s success millennia ago, was still the foundational political principals by which they all lived and died. It was this hardheadedness that drove The Sultan, ruler of the solar system, into mental knots. The last law that passed, allowing humanoids with total sentient abilities full citizenship, was a step too far. He finally held a trump card, a cause célèbre.


It would be ending soon enough.



The royal court was ensconced on Mars.


The Sultan had ordered her to be brought before him. Before her arrival he had raged to anyone within hearing distance. “The Earth is a garbage pit of a planet and this is just one more example of that filth that needs to be exterminated.” The Sultan had declared war upon the planet Earth. “It’s blasphemy against the natural order. Those degenerates just allowed the S7 class and any newer models, all totally sentient and as indistinct from humans… as we… we as natural born humans… could visually tell, full citizenship rights and privileges. They can even interbreed.” He paused, looked about and observed the affect of his words and then continued, “They must be eliminated. A new species will take over the solar system. We will be exterminated!”


The beings at court just bowed and murmured their assent. Fear was the driving political force. Earth’s ambassador stood in the rear, his assigned spot, illustrating his ranking in importance, and impotence, his head bowed. His planet was about to be destroyed by the growing fleet of warships and support craft swarming into the staging areas. The entire solar system’s battle fleet was being assembled. He could do nothing. His aide, standing by his side stood closer than usual. The ambassador sighed. The boy cares about me he felt. But what can that do?   And why are we leaving our borders open? This is madness.


She walked in. She was calm.  She was radiant, her pheromones arousing every sexually active being at court. The Sultan could not stand up. S7 may have been a humanoid but she was special and different. She was said to be designed especially for the task of tales and pleasure.


The Earth’s ambassador looked up and saw S7 advancing toward The Sultan. He was about to have a heart attack as she walked up to The Sultan ignoring his guards. She was inches from his being. “Your majesty, would it please you if I sat next to you?” She murmured in his ear. And she sat next to him. She held his right in her left hand. She smiled at the crowd and waved.  His guards watched unable to move.


“This is an outrage,” he hissed. His face was getting redder than the planet he was officiating from. And as he stood, he sat again, or was pulled down. No one was sure due in part to their own, let’s say discomfort.


A titter of laughter was heard around the dais and throughout the assembled crowd.


The Ambassador to Earth was about to drag the S7 away, but his assistant held him back.  “Watch,” he said. He handed the ambassador a card. “You cannot do a thing. We have immunity,” as he whispered to the ambassador and pointed out the obvious source of discomfort among the male members of the assembled officials.


S7 suddenly grabbed the Sultan and held him in the air. She turned to the crowd that was suddenly hushed. She pulled his turban off only to reveal the body of a GRAY, the most despised of aliens in all the universe, usurpers of thrones, planets and beings for their own sadistic enjoyment.


Her voice was heard throughout the palace. It was broadcast throughout the solar system. “I will tell you all a story,” she declared, “one of deceit and manipulation. Choose to not believe it but look here with your own eyes and decide. You have been lied to all these years. The outrage that he declares against us, is actually what this being has subjected you. More over, it planned to destroy your origins, the planet Earth, its people, and with it any connection to your selves as a people.


“Yes, we admit our planet is a mess.  And, We are the laughing stock of the system. But we were the only ones not brought under by this creatures spell. And, it knew fare well that we knew. But you would never believe us, us the people of Earth, the home of humanity. This thing knew that too. It trumped up charges and made false accusations, and fabricated truths against our planet, a plan that many tyrants have used throughout history. Only your fear of it was all it needed. It had an army posing as members of his court. He was summoning you to do his dirty work.” She pointed out the windows to the growing armada of ships and weapons being stockpiled.


She turned back to the hushed court. She grabbed the Gray by the neck and broke it. She pointed to his guards, “Them too!”


S7 threw the lifeless body to the floor. “Here is the cause of all your problems. Deal with it. I am returning to my home planet. We are a free people. We are ready for anything the Grays can throw at us. If you want to remain free, join me, join us.”  She left with the Ambassador and his aide flanking at her sides. The Ambassador walked a bit taller.


The End

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Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.

by Richard Tornello

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