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by Richard Tornello


by Richard Tornello

A Modest Proposal Dealing with Social Security and an Open Letter to The American Congress


The Abell 520 Cluster Space Exploritory Team.


By RdotTornello © 2015


The Village idiot press



Greetings and Salutations:


We have been observing the situation on your planet and have taken a special interest in your country. It is one of a few nation states open to mass consensus and political/social change, that in most cases will not easily instigate turmoil, as witnessed world wide.


Gentlemen and ladies of this fair and just Congress, as you all realize your social security system is in financial trouble not withstanding the fact that the system has been raided by Congress, an organization that has the right to remanufacture your laws in a most legal fashion.


You have so many slackers out there that are nothing but a drain on your system. They are like so many well-worn wheelbarrows, oxidized and useless. Their families, procreating like rabbits can’t care for them, and so the burden falls upon your cherished sponsors to be borne.


No one likes taxes even though a higher tax rate did bail you out of the financial hole you found yourselves in after WWII. And the 1% of the population that are your actual patrons have made it crystal clear that taxes are not the answer no matter what history may show to be the obverse of that coin.


You have a terrible time feeding your own people considering the cost of destroying other civilizations and then rebuilding them to your specifications. But, that is capitalism at its highest good. The common people should bootstrap themselves as all of your 1% Club have done, in their own fashion. It builds character, not to mention the exclusivity of success.


So what might be our suggestion?


Let me provide a recipe that can be modified to fit the specific situation(s). We have found a recipe that might fit the bill for most of your needs and one that we would love to provide to our people who enjoy the culinary delights of many other worlds.



We discovered a Moroccan Spicy Chicken dish as follows: 



2 lbs  boneless or boned chicken (if boned another ½ lb)

1 lb of carrots cut into 1 inch pieces

2 14.5 oz cans of stewed tomatoes, drained

6 cloves of garlic (3 cloves pressed and 3 cloves sliced)

3 tsp cumin

3 tsp coriander

2 tsp cinnamon 

1 cup black olives or a 50/50 split of green and black

Fresh black pepper and salt to taste, less at first and a bit more before serving giving about 5 to 10 minutes for the salt and pepper to be absorbed into all the food.


Fresh Cilantro as a garnish topped before serving.



The best way to cook this is in a slow cooker. The meat, if boneless breast for example, is cut into 1 inch bits and combined with the seasonings until coated. Then all the other ingredients are added to the cooker and left to simmer for about 7 hours on a low heat.


A pasta, rice, or mashed potato base can be made to serve with this dish.


A good red blend wine that has a soft aftertaste with little bite would do well. Hess Select and Hendry make very good to excellent blends.


Dessert could follow with fresh raspberries over a deep chocolate fudge-type cake and a slight sweet drizzle of your choice.




Now how does this apply to our introduction and solution to your economic and population issues? We would be glad to substitute your unwashed masses in place of the fowl suggested above. We have no problems with this substitute protein source.

This would relieve your society of its burdens. We would pay a handsome price for this rare opportunity. The methods of promoting this proposal would be up to you to decide but we might suggest some form of contest to visit new and exciting places as a way to enjoy the sunset of your target population’s existence.


However if there is an overpopulation issue, We could always substitute young and tender for the old. The slow cooking method renders even that old tough meat quite delectable, sort of like your Shepherds pie.


Bon appetite.


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Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.

by Richard Tornello

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