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by Richard Tornello


by Richard Tornello

A Simple Question Before I Go

By RdotTornello © 2017


The Village idiot Press





A tall well dressed gentleman in a fine fitting dark blue silk suit is sitting on a chair watching as his ward sleeps. He looks at his watch. It says “now”.


“How rude to interrupt such a good dream. But it must be done,” he says to himself.


She awakes, looks about and is startled by his presence. Yet, for some unknown reason to herself, and she has good reason to scream. She says nothing other than, “Oh! Who and what are you doing here?”


“I am, my dear, here to kill you. To terminate your life forces. To allow your molecular makeup to rejoin the universes as one, as you were before you were you. It, life, was a temporary gift to a few entities such as yourself, as it is for all sentient beings.”


She thinks about it and calmly replies, “You don’t appear to be dressed in the traditional garb. Where’s your scythe, hood and cape.”  She laughs just a bit.


He is insulted. “And why should I be. That’s simply a false image for a job so important such as mine.  Death is an important part of the universal plan and I dress the part for each and every one. And for you I appear thus.”


She considers what he said and then states without remorse in her voice, “Oh well  and good, I’m too old anyway. I’m told I’m a burden to family, the government, and, oh bother, just get on with it then. Shoot me.”


“Dear, dear, dear. Do you think I would make such a mess of things? That is so barbaric. Drink this.” He offers a vial of some liquid in his hand


She hadn’t noticed the vial and wonders where that came from.  As he hands the vial to her she observes his well-manicured nails.


She was about to ask who his manicurist is instead she points to the vial, “And,” she asks?


“And it will be over and done with. It’s clean, it’s fast, and it’s painless. Did I mention fast?”


“Yes you did. I see. I’m in the way of the future. And let me guess, there is only so much energy to be dolled out in this universe. Even black a hole must die.  As I understand, guessing,  a balance has to be maintained.  And finally, there are too many beings screwing it all up. Ok down the hatch it is.”


He nods to the affirmative. She’s a strange one. And she’s on the mark. Oh well here goes.


She reaches for the vial and suddenly stops. “One last thing if I may ask?”


“Sure,” he says extending her the vial. Is she backing out, trying to make a deal? Oh please no.


She looks him straight in the eyes and asks, “Do you like your job and is there an opening for a trainee?”


He stops, pulls the vial back and asks her in total surprise, “What? What did you just ask?”


“Do you like your job and is there an opening for a trainee?”


“No one has ever asked me that, ever.” He’s laughing.  He thinks about the question and her earlier comments. Then he says, “Come with me. We have to talk. I like you. Maybe just maybe we can get the balance right somewhere else. Are you willing to learn? It’s not always nice you know? And it may make my job a bit easier with these crazy time schedules. Time is not a factor for me other than making sure I keep up with the need to balance the forces of the universe with all this time constrained quark based matter you call life. Some times I just have to do it on a mass scale just to keep up. And that’s messy and so unprofessional. Did I mention it’s not always nice, children and all that?”


She smiles, nods and says, “Life is not always nice. Let me slip into a decent black frock. A girl always has to have one for important engagements such as this.”


He nods.


She dresses and grabs his arm.


And then arm in arm they walk out the door and disappear.




2017-12-21 15:48:05
dandrew72 - Very cool my friend!

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Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.

by Richard Tornello

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